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We are happy to present our new mutual 72nd AirGroup's and -DED- Regiment's project: RANDOM EXPERT+

Main features:
  • Online-campaign with a dynamic front line moving according to the results of the played missions.
  • Statistics site reflecting the current situation on the server, current prices of the planes and loadouts (4. Economics), pilots' ranks and awards as well as an option to register a squad.
  • Combat action going on on the whole map area.
  • Already familiar to many of you random location of the targets as an addition to the dynamic front line that makes every single mission unique.
  • Multitude of weather conditions and seasons.
  • Non-obligatory registration.

  • 1. Main principles. Victory conditions.
    The battle takes place on the 'Il-2: Battle of Moscow' map.

    The final objective of the campaign - is 'to change the color of the map to the own color' meaning that the enemy should control no more than 4 KPs for at least 24 hours real time
    Time running in the campaign is 'calendar time': one mission while running for two hours in real-time equals one day in campaign time. The combat begins at 1st Sep. 1942 and runs until the 28th Feb. 1943.
    Thence the campaign runs for 3 autumn and 3 winter months and the half-a-year of the campaign equals approx. 20 days in real time.
    If on the evening of the 28th Feb. 1943 neither of the sides has a substantial territorial advantage, then the victory is assigned to the side that has the majority of KPs under its control.

    2. Squads
    Our project is integrated with the =FB=Vaal & =FB=Isay statistics project , and so when you join a squad on the server's statistics site you will immediately gain access to the squad's common score. The squad's score accumulates all the points gained by its pilots and the cap on the score is increased proportionally to the number of pilots in the squad. When leaving the squad the pilot leaves his points in the squad score.

    Squad registration or joining the squad is allowed to registered members of Statistic site only.
    To register click the appropriate button at the site’ menu and follow the instructions.

    To create a squad:
    1. go to your Profile page

    2. go to the My squad tab and press “Registration Squad” button

    To join a squad:
    1. complete the registration
    2. get a special link from your squad leader and follow that link

    The Join Squad link is permanent for invitation of any number of users. Can be regenerated if being compromised.

    8. Server messages in the in-game chat.
    1. "Taking off is forbidden for you" - you'll see different messages depending whether you are a singleton pilot or a squad member:
    "WARNING Nickname take-off is FORBIDDEN for you! Not enough squad's credits for the selected plane. Your squad current credits is 700."
    "WARNING Nickname take-off is FORBIDDEN for you! Not enough credits for the selected plane. Your current credits is 150."

    2. "Take-off permission granted" – you'll see the info on the squad's or pilot's score depending on whether you are in a squad or not:
    "Nickname you have 1000 credits. Current plane price is 250."
    "Nickname your squad's credits is 3000. Current plane price is 700."

    3. Message indicating the server has recognized you've begun a supply mission:
    "Nickname you have 120 credits. To complete supply mission - drive plane to another active airfield. Current mission reward 880"

    We are thankful to:
  • The developers - for providing us with tools and devoted assistance.
  • Edsger Wybe Dijkstra - for the algorithm of finding a shortest path on a graph with non-negative edges' weights.
  • To the author of this public work - for the excellent description.
  • Comrade xedoc - for the developments on RConClient interaction.
  • Comrade Yonen - for the server logo and help with the design.
  • Comrade Maxyman - for his help with creation of the awards system.
  • Comrade 72AGs_Manul - for the development of the economics' model.
  • Comrade 72AGs_Bzzzt - for his help with programming.
  • Comrades 72AG_terror and Valdamar - for this translation ;)
  • Comrade 19//curiousGamblerr - for his IL-2 Mission Planner integration.

  • Server TeamSpeak: ded-squad.ru (
    Server name in list: "Random Expert"

    The team:

    Have fun and fly safe!