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We are happy to present our new mutual 72nd AirGroup's and -DED- Regiment's project: RANDOM EXPERT+

Main features:
  • Online-campaign with a dynamic front line moving according to the results of the played missions.
  • Economics model that dynamicaly regulates planes-loadouts' 'prices' ensuring that the currently most popular planes are the most 'expensive' to fly while rarely used planes are 'cheap'.
  • Statistics site reflecting the current situation on the server, current prices of the planes and loadouts (4. Economics), pilots' ranks and awards as well as an option to register a squad.
  • Combat action going on on the whole map area.
  • Already familiar to many of you random location of the targets as an addition to the dynamic front line that makes every single mission unique.
  • Multitude of weather conditions and seasons.
  • Non-obligatory registration.

  • 1. Main principles. Victory conditions.
    The battle takes place on the 'Il-2: Battle of Moscow' map.
    There are a number of 'Key Positions' on the map. Capturing them is the objective of a mission and moves the front line:

    The final objective of the campaign - is 'to change the color of the map to the own color' meaning that the enemy should control no more than 4 KPs for at least 24 hours real time
    Time running in the campaign is 'calendar time': one mission while running for two hours in real-time equals one day in campaign time. The combat begins at 1st Sep. 1942 and runs until the 28th Feb. 1943.
    Thence the campaign runs for 3 autumn and 3 winter months and the half-a-year of the campaign equals approx. 20 days in real time.
    If on the evening of the 28th Feb. 1943 neither of the sides has a substantial territorial advantage, then the victory is assigned to the side that has the majority of KPs under its control.

    2. Front line movement.
    Every campaign begins from a 'starting position' dividing the map among the two parties equally (more or less):

    Round map icons either with a cross or a star are the Key Positions (KPs).
    In every single mission only four of the KPs are active – two per side. The active KPs are the objectives that must be captured in order to move the front line. Active KPs are signified by the icons with a 'flame' sign on top of them.
    To capture a KP you need to destroy targets that the mission generator randomly places in the 30-40 km area around the KP in question.
    Captured KP's change color at the end of the mission and the front line moves to reflect the new situation and four attack directions (arrows) are created in the FL vicinity. Two of these directions are generated randomly while the other two are created so as to generate a 'pincer movement' to try to 'encircle' several KPs or to try to eliminate or break out (for the other side) of a already existing 'cauldron'.

    3. Key Positions capture.
    Here is the complete list of targets connected to a single KP:
    1 and 2. Two airfields — their connection to a KP is signified on the map by a heading line with the heading, range and approx. flight time stated next to it. 'Closing' and airfield counts as 1 point towards the KP capture (capture points).
    3 and 4. Two vehicle columns – one armored column (6 units) and the other can be either truck or armored column with the 50/50 probability (8 units). Eliminating either of the two columns equals 1 capture point.
    5. Artillery position counting 13 units equals 1 capture point.
    6. Field warehouse consists of two sections – 165 objects in sum should be destroyed in both sections to 'close' the warehouse. Closing it will give 2 capture points.
    7. Air Landing Zone. To close an object and get +1 KPs capture point you have to drop off 30+ paratroopers over the LZ and wait for their arrival
    While you need 5 capture points to capture a KP there are two more targets that can influence this condition:
    1. There will be an enemy HQ located either in the Moscow or Vyazma industrial zone, the HQ have two 'destroyed' states:
  • Destroying 200 objects of the HQ counts as 'partially destroyed' and additionally reduces enemy's side planeset: the number of available YaK-1, LaGG-3 / Bf.109F-4, Bf.109G-2 (obviously side depending) is reduced to 10 for the whole side and all premium planes become unavailable (La-5, YaK-1b, P40 / Fw.190A-3, MC.202). rest of the planeset is unaffected.
  • Destroying 300 objects of it counts as 'completely destroyed' and counts as +1 capture point towards all the enemy KPs on the map.

  • 2. Concealed armored group of 50 vehicles – is the side's 'attack reserve' and is located somewhere on the 'base' of an attack arrow on the map. Loosing this group will complicate the capture of the corresponding KP so you will require one more capture point than usual. The vehicles in the group are static and are intended to be destroyed by carried not internal weapons (that is rockets, bombs etc. rather than on-board guns). To destroy the column you will need to destroy 50 vehicles.

    Airfields: as every KP has two active airfields there is altogether 8 active airfields per mission that are signified by a rectancular 'plane' icon. The airfields are randomly selected amongst the closest to the KP taking FL position into consideration.
    The airfields can be 'closed' for 40 minutes by destroying buildings, objects and static planes on it – approximately 65 objects according to the in-game statistics. Closing an airfield (you need to close it just once) gives 1 KP capture point.

    4. Economics.
    To balance the gameplay and make it more diverse in terms of plane types in the air the server has a 'market economy' system implemented. The main idea of the economics on the server is that the 'pricing' is dynamicaly adjusted according to fluctations in certain key indicators balance.
    In simple words planes and their corresponding loadouts have 'prices' valuated in 'players' score'. You gain points for your combat activity on the server. A price for a certain plane-loadout increases as the plane-loadout becomes more popular on the server (more people fly it) and decreases for the less popular planes-loadouts. Combat effectiveness of the plane is also taken into consideration when the price is calculated.
    When you first enter the server you gain 1000 points towards your score. Minimal score cannot be less than 0. Maximum score is unlimited. The current 'prices' list is available on the statistics' site under the 'PAYLOADS' slider to the left of the page.

    5. Receiving and consumption of score points
    There are three ways to get score:
  • Destroying ground targets. Each destroyed target gives fixed reward. Non-static moving and shooting targets are more expensive. Buildings spots and static objects are cheaper but a way easier to destroy.

  • Destroying enemy aircrafts in air. Each aircraft gives as much score as its price at the moment of takeoff. Only exception are bomber/attack planes destroyed ground targets, their cost is decreased by 10 times.

  • Supply missions (refer to art. 6)

  • 6. Supply missions.
    Supply missions are intended to replenish single player or a squad score. The objective is to fly any unarmed aircraft from one friendly active field to another. To fly a Supply mission use ‘EMPTY’ loadout of any craft, there is no ‘special’ aircraft for that mission type. ‘Empty’ loadout helps the server to recognize objective as a supply mission and correctly count the score. Maximum score could be gained by doing Supply missions is 1000 per pilot. All credits over 1000 will be zeroed. In squads that Maximum score multiplies for quantity of registered squad members.

    7. Squads
    Our project is integrated with the =FB=Vaal & =FB=Isay statistics project , and so when you join a squad on the server's statistics site you will immediately gain access to the squad's common score. The squad's score accumulates all the points gained by its pilots and the cap on the score is increased proportionally to the number of pilots in the squad. When leaving the squad the pilot leaves his points in the squad score.

    Squad registration or joining the squad is allowed to registered members of Statistic site only.
    To register click the appropriate button at the site’ menu and follow the instructions.

    To create a squad:
    1. go to your Profile page

    2. go to the My squad tab and press “Registration Squad” button

    To join a squad:
    1. complete the registration
    2. get a special link from your squad leader and follow that link

    The Join Squad link is permanent for invitation of any number of users. Can be regenerated if being compromised.

    8. Server messages in the in-game chat.
    1. "Taking off is forbidden for you" - you'll see different messages depending whether you are a singleton pilot or a squad member:
    "WARNING Nickname take-off is FORBIDDEN for you! Not enough squad's credits for the selected plane. Your squad current credits is 700."
    "WARNING Nickname take-off is FORBIDDEN for you! Not enough credits for the selected plane. Your current credits is 150."

    2. "Take-off permission granted" – you'll see the info on the squad's or pilot's score depending on whether you are in a squad or not:
    "Nickname you have 1000 credits. Current plane price is 250."
    "Nickname your squad's credits is 3000. Current plane price is 700."

    3. Message indicating the server has recognized you've begun a supply mission:
    "Nickname you have 120 credits. To complete supply mission - drive plane to another active airfield. Current mission reward 880"

    We are thankful to:
  • The developers - for providing us with tools and devoted assistance.
  • Edsger Wybe Dijkstra - for the algorithm of finding a shortest path on a graph with non-negative edges' weights.
  • To the author of this public work - for the excellent description.
  • Comrade xedoc - for the developments on RConClient interaction.
  • Comrade Yonen - for the server logo and help with the design.
  • Comrade Maxyman - for his help with creation of the awards system.
  • Comrade 72AGs_Manul - for the development of the economics' model.
  • Comrade 72AGs_Bzzzt - for his help with programming.
  • Comrades 72AG_terror and Valdamar - for this translation ;)

  • Server TeamSpeak: ded-squad.ru (
    Server name in list: "Random Expert"

    The team:

    Have fun and fly safe!